Automation allows you to track your working hours on the go without opening the app. The Timesheet will automatically track how much time you spend at a specified workplace based on your automation type and location. First, you have to enable Location Permission. Open the application's menu and go to "Automation," then press the "+" icon on the top right. This action will give you two choices: WLAN Tracking or Geofence Tracking.

WLAN Tracking

Assign an access point to a Project and start/stop action. Whenever the phone connects or disconnects to the assigned access point, the Timer will start or stop. But this feature does not work the same way on all devices. Some devices close the WLAN connection when the phone’s “Lock” is activated. So, you might get entries every 5-10 minutes. You can disable this action using the settings of some devices like Samsung to ensure your phone's lock doesn't close the WLAN connection.

Geofence Tracking

With Timesheet’s Geofence Tracking, you can build virtual boundaries around your workplace. When you enter the location with the geofence, your app's Timer will start running. The Timer will stop when your authorized device with the app exits the area. Some devices might not support and deliver accurate Geofence Tracking. But it tracks time better and more accurately than the WLAN tracking in most devices.

Background Location Permission has to be enabled to use Geofences.

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