You can manage your account on the Profile page.

  • Edit your Email

  • Edit your Password

  • Edit your user details

To change your password or email address, sign out and sign in again to refresh your login.

Connected Devices

Connected devices for Timesheet’s Mobile App are listed below the Account Details. You can force a full synchronization of the device or delete connected devices that you don’t recognize or need.

Connected Apps

If you’re using an integration or third-party application, check out your connected apps below connected devices. You can revoke access to applications or integrations that you don’t need or recognize.

Delete Data

This action will erase the data for your projects, tasks, etc. But it will not delete your account. You cannot undo this action.

To avoid accidental deletion, Timesheet will request your email address for you to confirm your desire to delete data.

Delete Account

Deleting your account will erase all your data and revoke access permanently. Once you execute this action, you cannot undo it and restore your data and access. To delete your account, follow Timesheet’s two-step process:

  • You have to cancel your subscription before you can delete your account.

  • Confirm you want to delete the account by providing your email address. This two-step process can help you avoid accidental deletion.

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