The “Statistics” section provides several charts with insights into your daily working hours and income. You can export or download the charts in different formats.

  • Click on the “three horizontal lines” at the top right of the chart to drop down the menu.

  • From the menu, download the chart as an image.

You can download your chart as PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG vector image.


You can find specific statistics that you need quicker by applying a filter. You can filter the statistics by:

  • Time range.

  • Task status and type.

  • Project and its Rate.

  • Team members.

  • The “Feeling” assigned to the task.

Working Hours

The Statistics page's main item is the Working Hours' chart. On the chart, working hours are on the left axis, salaries on the right axis and your Date Range is on the horizontal axis. The chart’s main components:

  • Project Bars: Indicates your project's daily working hours as color-coded bars. 

  • Salary Line: Shows your salary from project to project based on your working hours.

  • Performance Line: Shows the average duration by working days for that time range.

  • Average Line: Indicates the average duration by all days in the specified time range.

You can check out each project or value independently by hovering your cursor over the item on the menu below the chart. To hide projects or values from the chart, click the item on the chart’s menu.

Other Statistics

The Statistics page also displays three pie charts:

  • Duration by Project.

  • Salaries by Tasks.

  • Duration by Tags.

The page also shows the driven mileage and operated locations, which you can download in CSV format.

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