Timesheet’s Settings page consists of several sections, including Global, Timer, Summary, and Export.


The global section allows you to set various options to ensure your web application functions optimally. You should set:

  • Language

  • Time Zone

  • First Day of the Week

  • Date Format

  • Time Format

  • Currency

  • Distance Measurement,

  • Default Task

  • Break Duration

Checking the “Show totals without breaks” checkbox will exclude the break duration in all duration values on the web application.


Check the right checkboxes to receive either weekly or monthly summary emails of your work.

  • Check the “Weekly Summary” checkbox to receive weekly summary emails.

  • To receive summary emails every month, check the “Monthly Summary” checkbox.

  • Check all checkboxes to receive weekly and monthly summary emails.

  • Uncheck all checkboxes to disable this feature.

If you uncheck all checkboxes, you won’t receive summary emails.


The Export section allows you to set date and time formats for the Excel export.

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