You can connect your timesheet.io account with QuickBooks Online. Your data and time activities will flow into QuickBooks Online as soon as it integrates with Timesheet. It ensures your data stays in sync whether you track your activities in QuickBooks or Timesheet. This seamless integration will make it easier for you to create accurate invoices, send them, and get paid quickly. It also simplifies how you run and manage employee payroll based on Timesheet's time tracking.

You can integrate QuickBooks and Timesheet in three simple steps:

Step 1: Connect Timesheet with QuickBooks.

Go to the QuickBooks integration on the Timesheet Web Application. Then, activate the integration with your QuickBooks Online user. Complete the process by selecting the company you want to connect to.

Step 2: Select your projects and employees

In this step, you’ll select the projects and employees that you want to synchronize. Select a Timesheet Project and a QuickBooks Project or Client.

Step 3: QuickBooks Mapping

You can add multiple mappings to sync the time records of the selected projects between Timesheet and QuickBooks. Then, create invoices and payrolls in QuickBooks Online. The synchronization will allow you to see the data recorded by Timesheet in QuickBooks Online. It syncs recorded data assigned to the project or customer and employee. You can now use the data to issue invoices and payrolls.

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