With Zapier, you can create custom integrations between Timesheet and other tools, including Asana, Google Calendar, and Trello. These integrations can help you automate your workflow and reduce your workload. The right integrations will ensure you spend less time on manual tasks and more time on the work that matters. You can use Zapier to connect Timesheet with other apps in five steps:

Step 1: Getting started with Zapier

Go to the Zapier on Timesheet’s Integrations page and click “Start your workflow automation.” This action will redirect you to Zapier’s page with different apps. Choose an app you want to connect to Timesheet.

Step 2: Select a Zapier Trigger and an Action

When you click on the app you want to connect to Timesheet, Zapier will redirect you to a page with the app’s triggers and actions. Select a trigger in the Timesheet app and corresponding action in the target app. For example, if you connect Timesheet with Google Calendar, you can select “New Project” as your trigger and “Create New Calendar” as the desired action. When you start a new project on Timesheet, the connected Google Calendar app will automatically create a new calendar for that project.

Step 3: Log in with your Timesheet account

Log in with your account by selecting your Timesheet user and allow Zapier to access your data.

Step 4: Create an Action in the target App

Select an action in the app you want to connect to Timesheet. Once you complete this step, the app and Timesheet will connect. The integration allows the transfer of the data from Timesheet to the target app.

Step 5: Save and activate your Timesheet Zap.

Activating your Zap ensures that a specific activity on Timesheet automatically triggers the desired corresponding action on your target app.

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