Timesheet allows you to export your working hours.

  • Go to the Export screen and create an Excel or CSV file containing your working hours.

  • To export working hours for a project, task type, status, or time range, apply appropriate filters to select and export only what you need.

  • You can also add or remove some entries using the data fields.

  • Click on the “Export” button. It will create a file on your internal or external storage, depending on your Export folder setting.

  • A share popup screen will appear as soon as the file is created. Use the popup screen to send the file by email or other messaging tools directly to your client or employer.

Attention: The app can request you to select an export folder. Go to the Settings page and click the "Export folder" option. Then, choose a folder on your device where to create the export file. You’ll need to enable Storage Permission to export the file.

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