The app comes with a simple timer that allows you to record your working hours, edit running tasks, and add breaks, tags, expenses, and notes.

  • To record working hours, select an active project and press "Start." It will run on the Timer and display the total duration and break time.

  • To edit a task while it is running on the timer, press the "pencil" icon beside the project’s name. It will pop up a context menu, which you can use to edit the running task.

  • To add breaks, tags, expenses, or notes, press the "pencil" icon beside the project’s name and use the popup menu to add what you need.

  • To start the Timer with a different start-time, long-press the Start button and select a new start time.

You can check your daily, weekly, and monthly duration statistics below the Timer. Click on a statistic to open your task list and see whether you selected day, week, or month as your time range.

To see your entered time entries quickly, slide up a task list hidden at the bottom of your Timer's screen.

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