Breaks, Expenses and Notes


The app allows you to track your teatime break, lunch break, or any other breaks you take while working on a project. You can pause the Timer while it is running. Or add a pause manually afterward to the task. Each break should have a start-time and end-time. Add a brief description explaining the pause. Tracking your breaks is important because each interval influences the relative duration of the task: Task absolute duration: Total Duration Task relative duration: Total Duration – break duration With your breaks' data, you can calculate your hours and salaries without breaks using Total Relative Duration. Or, calculate working hours and wages with breaks using Total Absolute Duration.


You can add expenses to a task when an additional cost is incurred due to the task's activities, such as materials, travel costs, hotel bills, etc. Timesheet allows you to add these expenses to your task while running on the Timer or afterward. You can check the summary of all costs added to a task in the task's details. The app also summarizes expenses added to all tasks in a specific project in Project Details. To track refunded and outstanding expenses, set each expense as either “Paid” or “Unpaid.” Tracking your expenses can help you avoid losses.


You can add notes to a Task with a date, time, and a brief description. Notes have an optional file attachment, which means you can attach each note to a specific file.

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