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The “Export” option on the main menu on the screen allows you to send reports of your working hours. You can export your data in Microsoft Excel or CSV format.
  • To find the data you want to export, filter by time range, projects, team members, task type, and task status.
  • Choose a file format such as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or CSV.
  • Add a summary line at the end of the file to summarize duration and salaries.
  • Use the "Exported Data" section to include or remove data fields from the report.
  • Add data columns in your report and rearrange them easily using drag and drop.
  • Type in the file name and email address of the recipient.
You can send the report to several people by typing in their email addresses separated by a comma (,).
Export Form
Exported Data Fields

Report Types

You can export three types of reports: 
  • Data Report: Raw data of working hours.
  • Team Summary: Data grouped by team members and projects.
  • Project Summary: Data of group projects.
If you sent a report, but it is not in your inbox, check your Spam folder for emails by [email protected]
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