Tags are categories for Tasks. You can use tags to group working hours for multiple projects. It can help you see how much time you spent on different Task categories, such as "Meetings," "Documentation," "Testing," or "Construction work." If your task overlaps across various categories, assign multiple tags to group working hours appropriately.

To check out your working hours for tasks grouped by assigned tags, go to the statistics page and find your Duration by Tag pie chart. This pie chart sums up all working hours for your tasks grouped by tags.

Create a Tag

You can create a new tag on the Tag page by pressing the “+ New Tag” button at the top right.

  • Choose a team, fill in the name, and pick a color for your new tag.

  • Press "Save."

  • Whenever you create or edit a task, you can assign it the tag.

Edit a Tag

To edit or delete a tag, press the preferred tag on the Tag List. This action will redirect to the tag's page, where you can edit its name, team, and color. You can delete the tag by pressing the "Delete Tag" button on the top right.

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