Teams allow you to share your projects with your team members and group multiple users, projects, tags, and rates. You can create one or multiple teams for different purposes.

Create your first Team

To activate the Team feature, go to the Teams page. Then;

  • Input your team’s name.

  • Assigns all existing projects and data to your first team.

  • Click on the newly created team to display its detail page.

If you already created projects and other data, it will be assigned to your first team automatically.

Add team members

To add new members to an existing team, go to Teams and follow these steps:

  • Click on a team and press the “Add Member” button below the team details.

  • Input the email address of the employee or colleague you seek to add.

  • Select the team permission.

  • Select the projects which you want to share with the new team member.

  • Save the new team member.

If the new team member is a Timesheet user, they will instantly access your team’s projects. On the other hand, if the team member is not a Timesheet user, they will receive an invitation email to register at Sign-Up with an assigned email address.

Team Permissions

Each team member gets team permission:

  • Team-Member: Assigned to Projects in the team.

  • Team-Manager: Can add Projects, Tags, and Rates.

  • Team-Owner: Is the team creator and can add Members.

Project Permissions

You must set project permission for every project shared with a team member.

  • Project-Member: Can add Tasks to the Project and only sees their Tasks.

  • Project-Manager: Sees all Tasks in the Project and can edit it and add members.

  • Project-Owner: Is the Project creator and the only one who can delete it.

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