You can create invoices from your working hours and export them as a PDF file.

Invoice list

This list shows all your invoices. You can search for a specific invoice by title, client, and description. Then, narrow down your search by applying a filter for paid or unpaid invoices. Use invoice templates on the right side of the table to reduce your workload. Tap on the "Templates" button and use the templates to prefill new invoices.

Create/Edit Invoice

Create a new invoice by clicking on the “New Invoice” button or edit an invoice with the “Edit” button. You can use existing templates or create a new template and check the “Save as template" box to save future use. To create a new invoice, fill in the name, headline, invoice No., and customer's number.

Add an icon or a logo, which will be printed on the PDF. Fill in your company’s address and the customer's address accurately, and then write a brief description at the bottom.

Task selection

To add billable tasks to your invoice, click the "Select Tasks" button on the right. A modal panel will pop up that allows you to filter and select your tasks. Then, press the "Add selection" button to add tasks chosen in your invoice.

Expense selection

To add and bill your expenses:

  1. Check the “Include Expenses” checkbox.

  2. Press the “Select Expenses” button to add expenses.


You can add discounts and taxes on your tasks’ income and expenses on the summation table. This table displays a summary of all your tasks and expenses. If you want to include terms or any other information in your invoice, use the text field under "Additional Info."

Payment Details

To avoid losing track of partial payments, set payment date, method, and status.

  • Go to the Payment section at the bottom of the “Edit Invoice” page.

  • Set the payment date and method.

  • Fill out the partial amount paid by the client or employer.

  • Set the invoice's status. If the invoice is fully paid, check the “Paid” checkbox.

These details will help you track each invoice by status and avoid losses. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen to save your edited invoice.

Invoice Details

This page displays all information about the invoice, which you can download and print as a PDF file. To download and print your invoice:

  • Click on the invoice you want to download in the Invoice List to go to its details page.

  • Click the “Print” button at the top right, which will download the invoice as a PDF file.

  • Print a PDF hardcopy of the invoice using the softcopy downloaded on your device.

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